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Rail intermediate relay

Rail intermediate relay

Product Details

First, the characteristics and uses of the guide rail intermediate relay

This series of intermediate relays use electronic control circuits to control multiple fully sealed relays to be turned on or off at the same time. To increase the number of contacts and contact capacity.


Rail mounting housing structure, small size, compact structure, no need for assistance

Power supply with action indicator.

1) Rating: AC110V, AC220V, DC110V, DC220C, etc., the actual label shall prevail.

2) Action value: DC voltage is not more than 70% of rated value, and AC voltage is not more than 80% of rated value.

3) Return value: not less than 10% of the rated value.

4) Action time: Apply the rated voltage, the action time is less than 25mS.

5) Return time: less than 25 mS.

6) Power consumption: The overall power consumption is less than 5W.

7) Contact capacity: long-term connection 5A, at 250VDC, τ = 5mS can disconnect 50W DC inductive load; at 250VAC, cosφ = 0.4 can disconnect 250VA AC load.

8) Insulation resistance: The insulation resistance between the case and the exposed live terminals is measured with an open-circuit voltage of 500V megohmmeter. The insulation resistance is greater than 300M9.

9) Dielectric strength: Between the shell and the exposed live terminals, it can withstand 2KV, 50HZ test voltage, without breakdown for 1 minute, no flashover.