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Switch-on power monitoring relay

Switch-on power monitoring relay

Product Details

Main performance of trip position power monitoring relay

1.1 Adopt high-performance sealed imported middle, moisture-proof, dust-proof, continuous line, high reliability.

1.3 Accurate operating voltage, high return coefficient, no jitter, low power consumption, multiple contacts act or return at the same time (controllability is 100%).

1.3 After the relay operates, there are light instructions and power instructions.

1.4 The electrical and mechanical life of the relay is long.

1.5 High insulation withstand voltage and small contact resistance.

1.6 Good anti-interference characteristics, suitable for places with strong interference or poor power supply voltage quality.

1.7 The working current is extremely small (≤5mA), and the working voltage range is wider than 50V ~ 100V (003 type), 80V ~ 100V (330 or 303 type).

Technical conditions

3.1 Environmental reference conditions

3.3 Normal use conditions

Ambient temperature: 30C soil 3C

Ambient temperature: -35C ~ + 30'C

Relative humidity: 35% ~ 75%

Ambient relative humidity: not more than 90%

Atmospheric pressure: 80Kpa ~ 106Kpa

Atmospheric pressure: 80Kpa ~ 110Kpa

Extreme temperature during storage and transportation: -35C ~ + 75C

Altitude of use place: no higher than 3500 meters

There is no explosive dangerous substance in the surrounding medium of the use environment: it does not contain corrosive gas; the concentration of conductive dust should not reduce the insulation level below the allowable value.

3.1 Relay rated working current 5mA without auxiliary power: working voltage range 80VDC ~ 100VDC

(Two groups of contacts can be reduced to 50VDC ~ 100VDC)

3.3 Contact capacity

DC110W, 0.5A.

3.5 hold value

50V ~ 100V (type 003), 80V ~ 100V (type 330 or 303)

3.6 power consumption

Large power consumption at 330VDC ≤ 1.1W

3.7 Insulation resistance

Use a 1000V shake meter to measure the insulation resistance between each lead-out terminal and the housing locking screw is not less than 10MQ.

3.8 Insulation withstand voltage

The lead-out terminal-to-case locking screws can withstand the power frequency of 3000V, and the contacts of the same group can withstand the power frequency of 500V. It took one minute to test without breakdown.

3.9 Electrical life

DCII0V, 50mA, more than 10 times.

3.10 Mechanical life

The contact has no load more than 1 million times.

Note: This product has considered the coordination time of the jump position and does not need to be ordered separately. Or use products like JZS-7-333XIT.