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Fuse monitoring relay

Fuse monitoring relay

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Main performance.

The conventional 110V and 220V electromagnetic intermediate relays use thin wires and many turns, which have the disadvantages of easy disconnection, low reliability, long operating time and long return time.

This series of intermediate relays are composed of multiple relays with lower coil voltage, and have the following performance and characteristics:

1 Adopt imported sealed relay, moisture-proof, dust-proof, continuous line, high reliability.

2 ZJY, ZJL, ZJB are fast intermediate relays with fast action and return time.

3 zJS series and ZJB intermediate relays with time delay. The action or return delay can be set with the dial switch on the panel.

4 After the relay is activated, there is a light indication.

5 Relays have long electrical and mechanical life.

6 large contact capacity, small contact resistance.

7 High insulation withstand voltage level.

High power consumption

DC voltage type: at 220VDC, zJS series is not more than 7W, and other is not more than 3W.

AC voltage type: at 220VAC, the zJS series is not greater than 7VA, and the others are not greater than 3VA.

DC current type: no more than 1.5W.

High power start relay: greater than 5W.

Large contact capacity:

Load-cutting capacity: below 250V DC, τ = 5ms, inductive load 50W, resistive load 150W: below 250V AC, load 1200VA ;.

Allow long-term current: 5A.

Insulation resistance: Use a 1000V shake meter to measure the insulation resistance between each lead-out terminal and the housing locking screw is not less than 10M02.

Insulation withstand voltage: Each lead-out terminal to the housing locking screw can withstand 2000V power frequency voltage, and the same group of contacts can withstand 1000V power frequency voltage,

It lasted for one minute without breakdown.

Anti-interference performance: In accordance with China's GB6162-85 "Electrical Interference Test of Static Relays and Protective Devices" standard (applicable to zJS class).

Electrical life: The contact is 10,000 times under rated load.

Mechanical life: The contact is three million times under no-load conditions.