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Power-off delay time relay

Power-off delay time relay

Product Details


As a component that is turned on immediately after the power is turned off, it is used in AC or DC protection and automatic control devices to make the controlled component get the required delay. This relay adopts 2-position disk setting, HJS-DE1 / 2 delay range is 0.1 second to 9.9 second, and the step is 0.1 second. HJS-DE1 / 3 delay range is 1 second to 99 seconds, with a step difference of 1 second. This series of relays also have instantaneous contacts, and users can apply more flexibly.

2. Installation structure

For rail mounting E, please refer to the subsequent relay outline dimensions for specific dimensions.

3. Product model

HJS-DE1 / 0

Time unit, 2: 0.1 seconds, 3: 1 seconds

E case power-off delay time relay series

4.Technical parameters

(1). Delay range: The delay time of this series relay is set by the 2-digit dial. The delay range of HJS-DE1 / 2 is 0.1 second to 9.9 second, with a difference of 0.1 second. HJS-DE 1/3 delay range is 1 second to 99 seconds, with a step difference of 1 second.

(2). Rated voltage: AC220V, AC110V, DC220V, DC110V.

(3). Action value: 75% of rated voltage.

(4). Return value: 10% of rated voltage.

(5). Power consumption: less than 4W.

(6). Contact performance: at 250VDCτ = 5ms, it can disconnect 50W DC inductive load;

In 250VAC cOS = 0.4, 250VA AC load can be disconnected, and 5A current can be connected for a long time

(7). Electrical life: 100,000 times, power consumption: not more than 5W.

(8). Mechanical life: 1 million times.

(9). Insulation resistance: Use a megohmmeter with an open circuit voltage of 500V to measure the insulation between the relay case and the exposed live terminals. The insulation resistance is greater than 300MQ.

(10). Dielectric strength: It can withstand 2KV (effective value) 50Hz test voltage between the relay shell and the exposed live terminals, without breakdown for 1 minute and no flashover phenomenon.

5. Conditions of use

(1) .Ambient temperature: -15C ~ 55C;

(2). No conductive gas, no corrosive gas, no strong vibration;

(3) .Working position: any;

(4) .Working voltage: not more than 120% of rated voltage;

(5) .Ambient magnetic field strength: less than 0.5mT;

(6). There must be no rain and snow, and no anti-fog, dust-proof and wind-proof sand facilities.