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Track relay

Track relay

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CSN-11 track relay (hereinafter referred to as the device or relay) is a special interface device for power systems, which can interface with protective devices, safety automatic devices and other equipment.

It realizes the function of input-in isolation and outlet re-action, which is used for the isolation and conversion of switching values. The characteristics of the relay are large starting power and strong anti-interference ability.

The input side of the relay uses a total of four terminals, two positive power input terminals IN +, .2 negative power input terminals IN-, and one test terminal. 6 terminals are used on the output side

Two sets of switching contacts can be provided. When the relay is connected to the power supply, the state of the output relay output contact changes. It is very convenient to install on the guide rail.

In order to improve the starting power of the track relay, the circuit has been improved; the rated power of the relay under steady-state operating conditions is less than the starting power of the relay at the instant of starting.

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