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  • Integrated leakage relay

    Integrated leakage relay

    I. Product use and characteristics This series of leakage protectors (hereinafter referred to as relays) are suitable for AC voltage

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  • Time-limited current relay

    Time-limited current ...

    Product introduction RL-DS series ground fault protection (hereinafter referred to as relay) is suitable for AC voltage to 660V, freq

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  • Static signal relay

    Static signal relay

    Signal relay (HJXH-G1 / U) product introduction is suitable for AC and DC operation in relay protection and automatic control lines.

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  • Switch-on power monitoring relay

    Switch-on power monit...

    Main performance 1.1 Adopt high-performance sealed imported middle, moisture-proof, dust-proof, continuous line, high reliability.Read More

  • Digital time relay

    Digital time relay

    Product introduction This series of digital time relay adopts electronic control circuit to control multiple fully sealed relays to b

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  • Static current relay

    Static current relay

    JL-8GB / 1) Product introduction Static current relay is used to judge the overload and short circuit protection of power equipment s

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  • High voltage leakage relay

    High voltage leakage ...

    Conditions of use 1. The altitude does not exceed 3000 meters. 2. The ambient temperature is not higher than + 40 ° C a

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  • Track relay

    Track relay

    Overview CSN-11 track relay (hereinafter referred to as the device or relay) is specifically designed for power system interface equi

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  • Double acting relay

    Double acting relay

    This series of intermediate relays are made up of multiple relays with lower coil voltage, and have the following performance and cha

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  • Fuse monitoring relay

    Fuse monitoring relay

    Main performance. Conventional 110V and 220V electromagnetic intermediate relays use thin wires and many turns, which have the disadv

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  • Power-off delay time relay

    Power-off delay time ...

    1. Use As a component that returns immediately after power-on and power-off delay, it is used in AC or DC protection and automatic co

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  • Rail intermediate relay

    Rail intermediate relay

    I. Features and uses This series of intermediate relays use electronic control circuits to control multiple fully sealed relays to be

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