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New breakthroughs in current relay technology

When designing electric vehicle charging stations, new requirements for components such as current relays, connectors, and cables must be considered. Especially current relays and contactors play a vital role in design integrity and required compliance. The current relay cooperates with other power components to achieve precise control of the charging process and lossless switching operation for various loads. These current relays feature high durability and high reliability to ensure the safety and service life of the system inside the charging station. For current relays in line voltage applications, TE provides proven solutions for power switching that have been used in the industry for decades.

3100 series contactors: 1 to 4 poles with rated load current from 20A to 120A, which can be used with several types of terminal equipment. Such contactors are usually larger than current relays with the same current load, and have a longer service life when switching at high loads, so they are often favored by users.

In addition, TE offers a number of current relays for charging station applications in readers, locking systems and communication system interfaces.

TE has decades of experience in the development and manufacture of high-performance current relays for a wide range of applications. Millions of certified current relays have been put into use and passed repeated tests to ensure support for customers' electric vehicle projects. TE's current relay testing laboratories in the United States, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and the Asia-Pacific region have been certified by independent agencies. These laboratories facilitate testing of standard current relays for compliance with customer-specific requirements that may exceed ratings, as well as testing customized retrofit products developed to meet customer specific needs.

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