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What conditions should be met when the current relay is working?

The current relay has a strong anti-interference ability, which is a step further than the traditional generator function and can be better used. The high current generator is a kind of electrical current test equipment that produces large current. It is widely used for high current load on electrical products and electrical equipment such as circuit breakers, contactors, fuses, relays, current transformers, silicon stack bus meters, etc. Testing and up-current debugging and testing are essential basic equipment for industrial and mining enterprises and electrical system research departments for electrical testing.

Note for current relay:

1. The cross section of the input power cable of this tester should be greater than 2mm2, and the cross section of the high-current output connection cable should be greater than 100mm2, and the length of the output connection cable should be shortened as much as possible.

2. As long as the output current requirements can be met. Use parallel outputs whenever possible.

3. Avoid continuous output for a long time.

4. For safe use, the ground terminal should be reliably grounded.

Performance characteristics of current relay:

1. Load test, can make instant output as required.

2. The output current is stable and the instrument indication is clear, which is convenient for recording data and observing the test object.

3. The output current is divided into bins. The size of each bin is smooth and adjustable.

4. Small size, light weight, flexible movement, convenient operation, suitable for field use.

Current relay working conditions:

1. Altitude does not exceed 1000 meters;

2. The temperature of the surrounding medium does not exceed + 40 ℃;

3. Relative air humidity is not higher than 85%;

4. In an environment that does not contain chemically corrosive gases and steam;

5. In the environment without conductive dust and explosive gas;

6.A place without severe vibration and shock.

The current relay is a low-voltage high-current dry-type transformer. It is suitable for up-current and continuous load tests on switches with a rated frequency of 50 Hz, current transformers or other electrical equipment. The current relay is composed of an operating table and a current booster, and is equipped with a current transformer, which can easily read the test current value. The wiring and operation are simple, the lifting current is convenient and flexible, and it is especially suitable for field use.