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Do you know how to improve the reliability of relay operation?

The reliability of operation is one of the important parameters of the current relay. The current relay is a component with control function and relay protection. So how should the performance of this component be improved?

One: When the protection setting value or the secondary circuit is changed, check the setting value or protection circuit with relevant precautions, and record in the change book the content, time, person in charge of the change of the protection device, and the signature of the operation monitor. The transformation of the protection main equipment also needs to carry out trial operation or trial operation tests. For example, if the differential protection is replaced by CT, the hexagonal diagram test should be qualified before it can be put into operation.

Two: Do ​​a good job of the acceptance inspection of relay protection. After the relay protection commissioning is completed, strict self-inspection and professional acceptance are submitted, and then the acceptance order is submitted to the plant department for maintenance, operation, and production. After passing the test, confirm that the removed wiring, components, signs, and pressure plates have returned to normal. After the site is clean and hygienic, sign the acceptance form.

3: In addition to the inspection of the handover shift, a more comprehensive detailed inspection is arranged in the shift. The contents of the relay protection inspection include:

1) The protection pressure plate and automatic device are put in accordance with the dispatching requirements. The switch and pressure plate are in the correct position, and the circuit wiring is normal. There are no loosening, heating and scorching odor, and the fuse has good contact.

2) The current relay contacts are intact, the live contacts have no large jitter and burnout, the coils and additional resistances do not overheat, and the CT and PT circuits have no open and short circuits, respectively;

3) The indicating lights and operation monitoring lights are normal, the meter parameters meet the requirements, and the signs, alarm bells, and the sound of the accident are intact.

4) After the microcomputer protects the printer, it should also check the time and parameters of the report. When it finds that the report is abnormal, it will promptly notify the maintenance personnel to deal with it.

Four: Strict relay protection device and its secondary circuit inspection and inspection equipment is an important way to find hidden dangers in time and avoid accidents. It is also an important task for power plant personnel on duty.