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Smart leakage relay precautions and common troubleshooting

The earth leakage relay is combined with an AC contactor or a circuit breaker to form an earth leakage protection device. Its main function is to provide indirect contact protection for fatal dangers and electrical equipment. This product is suitable for 380V / 220V low-voltage power distribution systems with direct neutral grounding.

In addition to the national standard GB / T22387-2008, this product also has the following characteristics:

1. Automatically distinguish leakage signals, and can operate normally on lines with complicated and large leakage.

2. Strong anti-interference, lightning and large motors will not malfunction.

3. Automatically display the leakage mA value, judge the line failure, and understand the line leakage situation, intuitive and simple and convenient.

4. The range of leakage action value is large, which increases the adaptability of use.

5. Silent and energy-saving operation, universal working voltage of contactor coils 220V, 380V, eliminates noise and saves energy by more than 85%.

Threading method of transformer

The protected lines should all pass through the transformer in the same direction (direction shown by the sticker arrow).


Power supply: Close the protector switch and close the contactor.

When the contactor no longer overlaps after the leakage exceeds the limit, the protector switch can be disconnected and then closed again, and the power supply can be restored if there is no fault in the line.

Simulation test: The button on the panel of the leakage protector is a simulation test device, which should be able to trip when operating.


1. The protector does not protect the electric shock and leakage between the phases of the protected line and between the phase and the neutral line.

2. The protected lines should all pass through the transformer in the same direction, and should not be worn less, more or reversely. The neutral line after passing through the transformer must not be repeatedly grounded.

3. The zero-sequence current transformer should leave the strong magnetic field interference sources such as power transformers and high-current busbars.

25cm less.

4. The zero-sequence current transformer is directional, and it should be oriented toward the user in the direction of the arrow, and must not be reversed.

5. If the transformer of the general insurance adopts the method of passing through the ground wire, the arrow of the sticker mark on the transformer faces the direction of the distribution transformer.

6. Failures should be eliminated in time, and the leakage protector must be taken out of operation to avoid electric shock casualties.

7. When the protector is in normal use, it should test trip at least once a month, and then press the test button after closing for 5 seconds, it is not limited by the number of reclosing times.

Common faults and troubleshooting

1. If it is newly installed and cannot be put into normal operation, you should check whether the wiring is correct, whether the protected line is mixed with other lines, whether the neutral ground wire of the transformer is connected, and whether the leakage current exceeds the rated value.

2. If the operation is not normal after installation for a period of time, you should first analyze the cause of the line or the fault of the protector itself. You can first cut off the output line and then restart the power supply. It is normal; if the input voltage of the protector is normal, if there is no response when the power is turned on or the test power is switched off and the auto-reclosing is not completed within 20-60 seconds, the protector itself is faulty.

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