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Method and characteristics of static signal relay

How to use the static signal relay

JX-B / 2 static signal relay is used in the current protection and automatic control device of power system operated by DC, as a fault action indication signal.

JX-B / 2 Static Signal Relay

Features of JX-B / 2 Static Signal Relay

The action speed is quite fast, and it can cooperate well with the trip circuit using a vacuum switch (quick action) to accurately respond to the action signal.

It can meet the requirements of the current unmanned room. The relay can be remotely returned by electric power and manually on site.

With multiple sets of moving and closing contacts, it can also meet the requirements of field signal indication and remote signaling.

The imported magnetic holding small middle is used as the outlet, and the relay can maintain the operating state even if the DC disappears.

With a wide current operating range, the relay can accurately operate from 0.02A to 2A, and the internal resistance of the coil is extremely low after the action, so the user does not have to consider in which house. There are also voltage-operated types.

The signal relay with time delay auto-return function specification automatically returns after a signal of 5 seconds to 10 seconds (adjustable), eliminating the need for staff operations.

With a variety of shell forms and short wiring, it can replace DX-30 series, DX-8, 8G series, DXM-2A, DX-11, 11A series signal relays.

Extremely vibration-proof and can be arbitrarily installed.

The action indication signal is clear and the life is long.