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Integrated leakage relay

Integrated leakage relay

Product Details

Product use and characteristics

This series of earth leakage protector (hereinafter referred to as relay) is suitable for AC voltage to 660V and frequency is 50HZ.

The relay, shunt release or circuit breaker, AC contactor, magnetic starter, etc. of the voltage release release constitute a leakage protection device for leakage and electric shock protection, and can be equipped with various sound and light such as buzzer, signal, etc. The devices combine to form a leakage alarm device.

Small size, easy to install and use, fixed action value and adjustable gear, reliable action, stable continuous power supply and easy operation. It can be adapted to users in various places. It can be used to protect the line from ground faults, prevent equipment accidents or electrical fires caused by ground fault currents, and can also be used to provide indirect contact protection for the release of electric shock from the human body.

It is a new product for network reform that is used safely. The operation time of the relay is divided into fast type and time delay type. When used together, the trunk and branch lines are classified and protected.