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ZJD-610L Leak Detection Relay

ZJD-610L Leak Detection Relay

Product Details

(1) ZJD-610L (H) Leak Detection Relay

I. Overview

ZJD-610L (H) Leak Detection Relay is a product specially developed for supporting low-voltage power distribution panels. This device can be used alone,

Can also be used in conjunction with low-pressure leak selection devices. When used alone, it is a fast leak detection relay with an operating time of ≤ 30ms (when 1K 2 is grounded)

When used with the leak detection device, it will delay for 300ms. The device is divided into four voltage levels of 1140V, 660V, 380V and 127V.

This device is suitable for the general-type cabinet for underground mines or the neutral point ungrounded system of low-voltage cabinets on the ground.

Technical indicators

Leakage resistance

1140V 20K 2 soil 20%

660V 11K 2 soil 20%


7 KO soil 20%

127V 2 KO soil 20%

Action time: no delay: 1140V, 660V, 380V, 127V≤30ms (when 1KS is grounded)

Delay: 1140V, 660V, 380V, 127V 300 400ms (when 1K 2 is grounded)