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Leak Detection Relay

Leak Detection Relay

Product Details

Technical index

Leakage resistance

1140V 20KQ soil 20%

660V 11KQ soil 20%

380V 7 K0 20%

127V2Kn soil 20%

Action time: no delay: 1140V, 660V, 380V, 127V≤30MS (when 1KQ is grounded)


1140V, 660V, 380V, 127V 300 ~ 400MS (when 1KQ is grounded)

(Two) KXL-2N low pressure leak selection device

Technical index

Leakage resistance

660V 11K0 20%

380V 7 KQ soil 20%

127V2KQ soil 20%

Leakage blocking action resistance value

660V 22K

380V 13K soil 20%

127V 4K soil 20%

Action time


380V≤30MS (when 1KQ is grounded)


Applicable grid-to-ground capacitance.

0 ~ 1∪F

Control power

220V, 127V 50 HZ

(Three) test of leak detection relay and leak selection device

1: Leak detection relay test:

A: The leak detection relay is only used for the neutral point ungrounded system power grid. The neutral point grounded power grid needs to be isolated.

Voltage isolation;

B: Only one leak detection relay can be installed in each power grid. For example, other types of leak detection relays are installed in the power grid.

Device will cause the device to malfunction or not work properly;

C: The main and auxiliary ground electrodes of the device are well grounded.

2: Test of leak selection device:

A: The test of the leak detection device needs to cooperate with the leak detection device, that is, the company's supporting leak detection relay is installed in the power grid.


B: The ground wire of the leak detection device is connected to the ground wire of the leak detection device;

C: The wiring of the leakage detection device is correct, especially the three wires of the power grid and the signal line of the transformer are correct;

D: The leak detection device needs to be set in the delay time;

F: Press the test button, this device will operate, other branch devices will not move, and the leak detection relay will not operate.