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High current generator suitable for short time work

The advantages of similar products inside and outside the high current generator are all in one. It adopts numerical control technology and has strong anti-interference ability. Compared with the previous generation of booster, it uses a low-power, large-capacity self-regulating voltage regulator and a high magnetic permeability iron core. The produced converter has the advantages of large output power, small size and light weight. It is mainly used for primary bus protection and various current transformer transformation ratio test items. It is widely used in electric power, railway, petrochemical, metallurgical and mining enterprises and other scientific research, production and electrical test sites. High current generators are necessary equipment for electric current debugging in various industries in various industries. They are used in power plants, transformer substations, electrical equipment manufacturing plants, scientific research laboratories, and other units. They belong to short-term or intermittent work systems. The large current generator has the characteristics of small size, light weight, good performance, and convenient use and maintenance.

The large current generator adopts an integrated structure, which is convenient for operation and data reading. It has a high output voltage and strong load capacity. It is equipped with a current transformer that can easily monitor the test current (more than 4000A can be used as a component structure). Large current The generator is an indispensable device in various industries where electrical current is required for high current.

How to use high current generator:

1. Connect the upconverter and the tested product according to the debugging requirements, and connect the power supply.

2.Select the position of the current transfer switch according to the required current of the test product. Because the current transformer is not allowed to open, the current transfer switch can only be turned to the "large" or "small" position. It cannot be placed in the in the middle.

3, turn on the power, the green light is on (if the green light is off, the regulator knob should be turned counterclockwise to zero until the green light is on), press the start button, the green light is off and the red light is on, and the regulator handle is turned clockwise, Increase the current to the desired value.

4. Turn the handle of the regulator counterclockwise to zero, press the stop button, the red light turns off and the green light turns on, and the test is over.

Note for high current generator:

1. This equipment is designed for short-term work, so it is not allowed to work at rated capacity for a long time, especially not allowed to run above the rated current to prevent overheating. The time range is as follows:

2. For newly installed transformers that are not used for a long time, use a 1500 Megohmmeter to measure the insulation resistance between the coils and the coil to ground before operation. Only use the resistance when the resistance value is not less than 0.5 Megohm.

3. In use, the up-converter and operation console must be reliably grounded to ensure safety.

4. It should be slow and even during upflow, and avoid excessive vibration when moving.

5. The contact surface of the voltage regulator and the brush should be kept clean. If necessary, it can be wiped clean with 90% alcohol dipped in cotton yarn.

6. The large current generator should be stored in a clean, ventilated and dry place indoors.