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The function of the relay and intermediate relay is similar. What is the difference between them?

The function of the relay and intermediate relay is similar. What is the difference between them? What does "heavy action" mean? From a practical point of view, the functions of the heavy-duty relay and the intermediate relay are indeed similar. The main difference is that the fast-acting relay is generally selected as the heavy-duty relay. The main role is to isolate the two electrical circuits; in addition, it provides more More contact capacity and quantity, just like the intermediate relay.

"Heavy action" means that when the contacts of the signal and the action relay are not enough, connecting the relay in series can increase the number of nodes.

There are three main functions of the double acting relay:

One refers to the expansion of contacts (for example, there is a signal that needs to be used in two places, and the signal source has only one pair of contacts. At this time, it is expanded to two pairs of contacts through replay, which are used for two places respectively).

The second is to achieve electrical isolation between the two circuits.

The third is to provide greater contact capacity.

Application of double acting relay

In power systems, we often see tripping trips. What does tripping trip mean?

That is the relay's re-activation.

For example, a certain relay contact needs to be tripped, and also needs to be signaled, or more required. And there is only one contact, then let this contact drive another relay action, and the N contacts of this relay will complete "signaling", "tripping" or "more functions", here "the other relay" is called heavy Move the relay.

1. The original relay has insufficient contacts or is an intermediate relay installed with insufficient contact capacity. The double acting relay is actually a relay with multiple action contacts. In practice, a signal may be used in multiple places. In this case, if the signal itself has insufficient contacts, it is necessary to expand the contact through a relay to achieve the effect of one signal input and multiple contacts acting. The relay used is called a double acting relay.

2. The function of the double-acting relay is to expand the contact point and increase the contact point capacity. Signal wiring can be done by looking at the drawing. If there is no drawing, there is an instruction. If there is no instruction, look at the relay contact directly.