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How to connect the leakage relay

In recent years, we have often been able to hear fires and electricity leakage accidents somewhere, and most of the causes of fires are also caused by electricity leakage. Then this requires people to pay more attention to it, because although electricity provides us with many conveniences in life, it is ultimately dangerous. Therefore, people invented circuit breakers and leakage relays in use, both of which are tools for protecting circuits. Then let's introduce the wiring method and precautions of leakage current leakage relay in use today.

When wiring the earth leakage relay, you should first understand the power and load signs on the earth leakage relay, that is, you must be familiar with the power supply range of the earth leakage relay. If the two are connected incorrectly, the power supply is connected. After being turned on, the entire circuit will be short-circuited directly, the wire may be burnt out, and serious fire may occur.

Wiring methods of earth leakage relays generally include three-phase five-wire system and single-phase three-wire system. When wiring the earth leakage relay, you must remember that the protection wire of the earth leakage relay cannot pass through the current transformer. For the choice of wiring method, both have their own advantages, so there are not many requirements. However, the user needs to pay attention to the requirements of the protection line, that is, when connecting the leakage relay, the protection line needs to be connected to the protection main line at the circuit input end, and the protection line cannot pass through the current transformer during the connection of the protection main line.

It should be noted that the electrical equipment using the leakage leakage relay can only connect the equipment to the load side of the leakage relay. Some people not only connect one end of the electrical equipment to the power source, but also connect the other end to the load side. Above, the effect of contact at both ends is that the earth leakage relay does not work.

For the selection of leakage current leakage relays, the selection of this product must be selected with high quality and qualified products. At present, the main brands of electrical products on the market are Schneider, Siemens, and Bull Sockets, etc., because this is about the safety of the entire circuit, and it is also about the safety of the person. You must not buy quality products that are not enough to save money.

As a clean and pollution-free energy source, electricity has been working for humanity for centuries. We also encountered many unfortunate accidents during this period, which is enough to tell us that what is good for us is also a threat to us to a certain extent. Therefore, we must be careful and concerned about the use of electricity in our lives. Only in this way can our life be better.