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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions of Electricity Relays

1. What are the main uses and functions of earth leakage protectors and earth leakage relays?

Answer: The main function is to provide indirect contact protection for personal shock and equipment with fatal danger. This product is suitable for 380 / 220V low-voltage power distribution systems with a neutral point directly grounded.

2. Why does the electrical leakage relay fail to respond when the power is turned on?

Answer: A, check whether the wiring is correct and make sure that the terminals 1 and 2 of the leakage relay have an AC 220V voltage.

B, check whether the fuse tube is blown?

C. If the power indicator of the leakage relay is normal, check whether the contactor or circuit breaker coil wiring is normal.

3. Why does the earth leakage test not work in the place where the output is protected?

Answer: It may be that the grounded place is too dry and the resistance is too large. The value of the operating current cannot be reached! You can put a phase wire of the output on the door, window or water pipe. Be careful not to take too long!

4. The contactor of JD46 energy-saving leakage relay does not work (after a period of time), but the small leakage relay inside has a click when it is operating?

Answer: A, it may be that the contactor itself has a bad wire package;

B, or try a new earth leakage relay;

5. When two or more earth leakage relays are installed in a power distribution cabinet at the same time, when one is operating, what are the reasons for the other units to malfunction?

Answer: Check if there is (must) a distance of more than 20CM between the transformers of several earth leakage relays. The power of all earth leakage relays must be introduced from the main power source. If you still cannot resolve the problem, you can increase the pulse current by 5-10mA. It is also possible that the protection output lines are mixed, for example, there is an electric light or indicator light in series between the neutral line of A and the phase line of B protection, which is not allowed!

6. Why does the protector or leakage relay work normally during the day and trip frequently at night or on rainy days?

Answer: The leakage current of the protected line has exceeded the leakage setting value of the protector. Because users basically use electricity at night, the leakage is relatively increased, and rainy weather is more serious; users can replace the protector with a larger leakage parameter, and check whether the user has repeated grounding.

7. Why is the protector or leakage relay tripped and locked as soon as it is turned on?

Answer: Unplug or remove all loads from the transformer, and then test the machine. If the normal description of the user line has serious short circuit and leakage, it should be eliminated immediately, otherwise it cannot be put into operation. If it is put into operation forcibly, it may cause fire or other Equipment damage.

10. What kind of leakage relay is good for DW15, DW17, DW45 series circuit breakers?

Answer: It is good to equip with JD46 earth leakage relay. If it is equipped with LJM series, the performance may be lower. Generally, it can be matched with type 2 shunt trip of JD46 series.

11. What kind of leakage relay is used with DZ-series circuit breaker?

Answer: Firstly, ask the customer what kind of tripper is used for the circuit breaker. For example, there are two types of shunt (gain pressure) and long-term pressure (loss pressure). The matched product is also the product of JD46-II (to be customized).

12. JD46 is connected to DZ-series circuit breaker. How to connect AC 220V shunt release?

Answer: The terminal of the earth leakage relay is the neutral line of the user's main line, the second terminal is connected to the user's phase line (hot line), and the third terminal is also connected to the neutral line of the user's main line. The fourth and fifth terminals are connected to the circuit breaker release package. (If an AC 380V shunt release is used, the third terminal is connected to a phase wire different from the second terminal, that is, the live wire). Shunting and long-pressing two releases are connected in the same way!

13. Why can't the control contactor run after the energy-saving leakage relay is connected to the intermediate leakage relay?

Answer: All energy-saving leakage relays must be equipped with contactors above 40A. Otherwise, the contactors cannot be pulled in. Do not pass the intermediate leakage relay when wiring. Direct contactors will do. Only change the earth leakage relay to the ordinary type (not energy saving).

14. What is the inner diameter of the other sequence transformers 250, 400, 630A, and 800A of the earth leakage relay?

A: The inner diameter of 250A is 4.5cm, the inner diameter of 400A is 5.5cm, the inner diameter of 630A is 7.0cm, and the inner diameter of 800A is 9.0cm: a larger order transformer needs to be customized.

15. Can the 630A earth leakage relay be connected to a 800A contactor?

Answer: Yes, but it must be customized. The internal leakage leakage relay has been changed!

16. If I use a 630A earth leakage relay, but the current of the user exceeds this value, will it affect the earth leakage relay?

Answer: Yes, but the impact is not great. As long as the user current does not exceed 2 times the parameter value of the transformer, it generally does not affect the use.

17. What are the functions of the JD46 earth leakage relay?

Answer: There are functions such as phase detection, energy saving, anti-interference, pulse and slowly changing leakage current protection.

18. What are the functions of HDL6 integrated leakage protector?

Answer: There are protection functions such as phase detection, leakage, overload, short circuit, phase loss, and under voltage.

19. Are there any products with alarm after tripping?

Answer: Yes, HDL6, intelligent JD46 have this function. And has a memory judgment function.

20. Does HDL6 comprehensive leakage protector have the function of a circuit breaker?

Answer: Yes, and phase failure protection can be used alone.

21. What is the difference between HDL6 comprehensive leakage protector and HDL self-resetting leakage protector?

Answer: HDL6 comprehensive leakage protector can be used for three-phase four-wire electricity or single-phase power supply system, while HDL self-resetting leakage protector can only be used for single-phase lighting power supply system.

22. What is the difference between HDL6, HDL series leakage protectors and JD46, LJM series leakage relays?

Answer: The integrated earth leakage protector is (integrated), which is easy to install and use, and saves accessories such as conductive tapes. The earth leakage relay must be used with contactors or circuit breakers (combined in earth leakage protection devices).