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Time-limited current relay

Time-limited current relay

Product Details

Product introduction with time limit current relay

RL-DS series ground fault protection (hereinafter referred to as relay) is suitable for AC voltage to 660V and frequency is 50HZ.

Electrical appliances and circuit breakers, AC contactors, magnetic starters, etc. of shunt releases or voltage-loss releases constitute leakage protection devices.

Cooperate with zero sequence transformer for ground fault protection, and can also be used for overload protection, leakage protection and electric shock protection.

Various buzzers, signals and other sound and light devices are combined to form an alarm device.

Small size, easy to install and use, fixed action value and adjustable gear, reliable action, stable continuous power supply and easy operation. can

Adapt to local users, can be used to protect the line from ground faults and prevent equipment accidents caused by ground fault currents

Or electrical fires can also be used to provide indirect contact protection for the release of electric shock from the human body.

It is a new product for network reform that is used safely. The action time of this relay is divided into fast type and time delay type.

Lines and spurs are classified and protected.

The specific features are as follows:

1. Convenient setting, using six-position dial switch for setting, intuitive and convenient, without calibration.

3. The auxiliary power supply uses the switching power supply mode, AC and DC are universal, and the range is large.

3. High accuracy, small step difference of 0.01A and 0.1S, small error.

3. High reliability, no jitter, no rejection, fast action, high return coefficient.

It can be installed on the guide rail or fixedly, which adds the delay action function, which greatly facilitates the customer's space, cost and

installation time.

Product parameters

Normal use conditions

Ambient temperature: 30 ° C soil 3 ° C

Ambient temperature: -35 ° C ~ + 50 ° C

Relative humidity: 45% ~ 75% Environmental relative humidity: not more than 90%

Atmospheric pressure: 80Kpa ~ 106Kpa Atmospheric pressure: 80Kpa ~ 1 10Kpa.

Extreme temperature during storage and transportation: -35 ° C ~ + 75C.

Altitude of use place: no higher than 3000 meters.

The environment surrounding the use environment is free of explosives; it does not contain corrosive gases; the concentration of conductive dust should not make the insulation

The level drops below the allowable value.