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Digital zero sequence current relay

Digital zero sequence current relay

Product Details

Product introduction

Zero-sequence current relays are used to identify faults in power equipment such as generators, transformers, and transmission lines.

Load, zero sequence protection and short circuit protection.

Low current relays are used as blocking elements for PT disconnection.

It can completely solve the contact vibration and rejection when the electromagnetic relay is running, and the setting accuracy is not high.

The defect that the return coefficient is affected by the remanence can replace the DL-31, DL-32 electromagnetic relay.

The specific features are as follows:

1. Convenient setting. The three-position dial switch is used for setting, which is intuitive and convenient. No calibration is required.

2. The auxiliary power supply uses a switching power supply mode, AC and DC are universal, and the range is large.

85V ~ 260V wide range.

3. High accuracy, small step difference of 0.01A and 0.1A, small error.

4, high reliability, no jitter, no rejection, fast action, high return coefficient.

It can be installed on the guide rail and fixedly installed, which greatly facilitates the customer's space, cost and installation time.